KISPL can offer an extensive range of menu options to suit all requirements covering a full range of services throughout the day, these can be supported with special themed events on a regular basis to enhance the overall dining experience.

As a company we pride ourselves on the fact that we can cater for 1 to 1000 + people on site providing services ranging from breakfast, hot lunch , dinner service and that extra touch when it comes to those special corporate or themed events.

Menus can be tailored in accordance to the specific requirements on site and can accommodate a cycle based on 1 week to 6 weeks dependant on the scope provided.

Our business development team works closely with the clients in order to compile and review suitable menus on a regular basis in order to bring variety and most importantly to prevent menu fatigue.

The product, quality and presentation of food are key drivers when it comes to the service which KISPL delivers to its clients. quality, commitment and service under pins our company's vision and values no matter how big the contract...if you provide a service...provide it well.
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